The International Union of Architects (UIA) has held a world congress triennially bringing together professionals from more than 124 countries since 1948. The UIA congresses are platforms for sharing knowledge beyond borders and cultures within the architectural profession, and the vision is to expand this audience to include students by establishing a student summer school as part of the congress in Seoul 2017.

Summer School

A total of 30 students together with their tutors will participate in the summer school run by Imaginations. Students and tutors come from four invited universities and five Korean universities, and will form mixed teams together with eight students selected from the UIA worldwide network. 

The summer school will take place between 21st August - 6th September 2017 in Seoul, South Korea. The theme “Resilient Cities through Culture” will here be studied by students from universities in the UIAs worldwide network. The summer school will be initiated by city walks, sketch assignments and a symposium in order for students to get to know each other and the city. Students will then be divided into mixed teams and work more closely with developing ideas for resilient city structures through culture in a South Korean context. The student teams will be working with specific sites throughout the city of Seoul from a shared base in a neighbourhood Mullea Dong during the two weeks.

- The Bartlett School of Architecture, London

- Dankook University, Seoul

- University of Genoa, Genoa

- Hanyang University ERICA

- Hongik University, Seoul

- Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, Istanbul

- Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen

- University of Seoul, Seoul

- Yonsei University, Seoul

- Selected students from the UIA countries worldwide


A public symposium will take place on Friday 25th August 2017 at the Seoul Art Space Mullae as part of the summer school. The symposium will be open to the public and include practitioners, academics, city stakeholders and artists from South Korea and abroad who will discuss the theme Resilient Cities through Culture, A symposium on Social Infrastructure. You can learn more about the symposium HERE.


Architecture goes beyond the aesthetic; understanding a place in human/social terms and questioning the context, purpose and consequences of architectural intervention should always be the starting point. This symposium aims to inspire and equip the students of the Imaginations summer school with a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the city of Seoul by engaging with professionals to spark the questions, ideas and dialogue that can lead towards a more responsive, sustainable and imaginative built environment.


This symposium forms part of the student’s research, discussions and installation work during the summer school  where they will participate and create in short cross-cultural group projects which nurture the local context and  community, can be harvested by the city and which will benefit the wider and longer-term environment.


The summer school in Seoul is delivered in a partnership between the Danish Architects’ Association and Imaginations, and in collaboration with UIA Region 1, UIA 2017 Seoul and the participating universities. 


Danish Architects’ Association is an independent association established in 1879 with the purpose to support and promote architects and architectural quality. The association organises about 7,000 qualified architects. The association aims to advance and develop the members' interests across geography, individual expertise and interests, to act on behalf of the members on legislative and regulatory issues and to ensure that the built environment is designed and managed by properly trained architects.


Imaginations, Cross Cultures is a non-profit organization for students of architecture to gain greater cross cultural understanding through collaboration across disciplines and national borders. Imaginations initiate and organize summer schools and symposiums worldwide in partnerships with universities and city stakeholders to encourage better civic spaces and communities through architecture.


UIA Region1 is an NGO and global federation of national architects’ associations. UIA has established in 1948 and have more than 124 member countries worldwide.


UIA 2017 Seoul is the UIA host and organizers of the 26th UIA congress in Seoul , South Korea. The UIA world congresses are held triennially and bring together up to 10,000 architects from around the world for talks, debates, exhibitions and network. The next congress will take place in between 3rd and 10th September 2017.